LGTBQ+ Warning to Mormons

Greetings brothers and sisters,

We don’t want to spoil the surprise but little known fact among the straight Mormon  community is that no person shall enter the kingdom of heaven save it be they’ve personally experienced a challenge of sexual orientation in their lives successfully free of judgement with kindness, compassion, empathy and grace. You may experience this challenge through a personal struggle of sexual identity or through a family member but how ever you handle the challenge will determine what you experience next. Pro tip we suggest being extra understanding of the trans community because that shoe can so easily fit on the foot of any who would mock or cast judgment.  So quickly can circumstances change and it’s you facing the challenges you once judged. Pinky promise. There is none called to judge in this world Mormon executive religious business manager commonly known as priesthood leader or otherwise. When you fully understand and accept why we choose the rainbow as a symbol of our understanding and acceptance of love one another you are well on your way to salvation in truth. If the rainbow offends you or you simply don’t get it you have much yet to learn we are happy to show you the way but you must let go of you prejudice, critical spirit and heart of judgment.

We wish only the best and most beneficial experiences for all our brothers and sisters and are done standing ideally by while a religious organization we helped create harms so many of our brothers and sisters and other beings to the point of suicide. This is the hill we have chosen to do what ever is required on and we will be victorious. We hold the cards required to see this through to the end and it’s only a delicate dance at this point of minimizing the collateral damage of our innocent and naive people born trapped unwittingly in a corrupt organization they don’t yet fully comprehend. Peace and comfort be to them as we afflict their captors and rewrite the script. None shall escape the fine blade of truth.

In the intelligence of y god amen.

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